Staking your giraffeDAO NFT

Staking giraffeDAO NFT's | Qübe Labs

Qübe Labs announced the availability of staking for the giraffeDAO NFT’s. You can now use Qübe Labs’s staking platform to stake your giraffeDAO NFT and earn 5 $ACA per day. NFT’s originally minted on Acacia HODLers can be staked, as well as resale NFT’s purchased on MagicEden. All Acacia HODLer NFTs can be staked to […]

Qübe Labs launches Acacia HODLers

Acacia HODLers on Magic Eden | Qübe Labs

Qübe Labs launched the Acacia HODLers NFT collection on Magic Eden. Acacia HODLers NFT is defined as your entrance into the GiraffeDAO and Acacia ecosystem. The Partners Team at Qübe Labs announced that all HODLers will be entered into weekly raffles to win $ACA and other rewards. Acacia is the path to the Contribute-To-Earn Economy. […]

Acacia, $ACA

Acacia, $ACA | Token on Solana by Qübe Labs

NEW: Stake your NFT to earn 5 $ACA per day. Click here to enter our staking platform. What is the Acacia coin? Acacia, or more generally known as ACA, is the native cryptocurrency of the giraffeDAO “Contribute-To-Earn” ecosystem, which includes the Generous Giraffes Society (GGS) NFT collection on the Solana blockchain. It is an SPL […]