Staking your giraffeDAO NFT

Staking giraffeDAO NFT's | Qübe Labs

Qübe Labs announced the availability of staking for the giraffeDAO NFT’s. You can now use Qübe Labs’s staking platform to stake your giraffeDAO NFT and earn 5 $ACA per day. NFT’s originally minted on Acacia HODLers can be staked, as well as resale NFT’s purchased on MagicEden. All Acacia HODLer NFTs can be staked to […]

Acacia, $ACA

Acacia, $ACA | Token on Solana by Qübe Labs

NEW: Stake your NFT to earn 5 $ACA per day. Click here to enter our staking platform. What is the Acacia coin? Acacia, or more generally known as ACA, is the native cryptocurrency of the giraffeDAO “Contribute-To-Earn” ecosystem, which includes the Generous Giraffes Society (GGS) NFT collection on the Solana blockchain. It is an SPL […]