Acacia, $ACA

Built on a “Contribute-to-Earn” (C2E) infrastructure on the Solana blockchain, Acacia ($ACA) is the token that powers the Generous Giraffe Society DAO ecosystem.

Acacia, $ACA | Token on Solana by Qübe Labs

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What is the Acacia coin?

Acacia, or more generally known as ACA, is the native cryptocurrency of the giraffeDAOContribute-To-Earn” ecosystem, which includes the Generous Giraffes Society (GGS) NFT collection on the Solana blockchain. It is an SPL utility and governance token that is used as a reward inside the GGS ecosystem.

Based on the premise “Contribute-To-Earn”, you can support the giraffeDAO ecosystem by staking your NFT’s and earn 5 $ACA per day.

Acacias that have been rewarded to members of the Generous Giraffes Society can now be used to pay for merchandise and gear at The Acacia Market.

Phantom wallet supports Acacia ($ACA) directly, and is the preferred crypto wallet in the @giraffeDAO.

Acacia (ACA) stats

  • Total Acacia (ACA) emitted: 4,333,234 (Total Max Supply)
  • Acacia holders: 148
  • Fully Diluted Market Cap: USD $$256,940.22

Source: Birdeye
Source: Nomics


Solscan: Market Overview

Birdeye: Acacia viewport

Nomics: Acacia market index

Where to buy Acacia: Raydium, Jupiter

Stake your Acacia: Acacia ($ACA) staking platform


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Acacia HODLers | Qübe Labs
NFT Collection
Acacia HODLers

Acacia HODLers NFT is your entrance into the GiraffeDAO and Acacia ecosystem. All HODLers will be entered into weekly raffles to win $ACA and other rewards! Welcome to the Contribute-To-Earn Economy.

NFT Collection
Generous Giraffes Society

An exclusive collection of 333 innovative and philanthropic Giraffes roaming the Solana blockchain.

Acacia | Qübe Labs
Online Store
The Acacia Market

The place where you go to spend your hard-won Acacias.

@giraffeDAO | Qübe Labs

@giraffeDAO is Qübe Labs’s “Contribute-To-Earn” ecosystem on the Solana blockchain, encompassing the Generous Giraffes Society and Acacia HODLers NFT collections, the Acacia ($ACA) token and The Acacia Market, an online marketplace.